I create and play music because it helps me understand myself and the world. I work towards bringing  up a sense of serenity in my listeners.




I get inspired by all of these and use music to express what life is and what it can be...

                                                Mingling dreams and reality,

                                       It is my goal to seek a way to a better world.

Sounds and silence in people's words, gestures, and eyes fascinate me and are the elements of the stories I tell with my music.

I love to dig into the hidden feelings behind our human wall of perfection in hopes of finding some relief for myself and others.

About Dawn

Dawn Davi is a pianist, composer, visual artist, and educator based in Toronto.  She received formal training and education at York University where she was awarded the continuing student scholarship, Berklee College of Music’s online extension school, and the Offcentre DJ school of Toronto. Her music has been featured in Huffington Post Quebec, City of Toronto's 311 winter 2017 playlist, respectable "I Care if You Listen" blog, 514blog,  as well as on multiple public and syndicated radio stations in the US and Canada, including CBC Radio One's Homerun, CKUT, and KPFA-FM's "Discreet Music". She has previously performed in Toronto and Montreal as part of different events. She enjoys collaborating with musicians from different musical cultures, fusing and creating new sounds, and has also worked with several visual artists exploring the connection between the two mediums.

Since 2014, she has collaborated with multicultural visual artists in Ontario, Canada on a project experimenting the impact of music on visual arts. Her project includes visual artists creating new works based on her music and finding the very elements perceivable in both art forms. She hopes to expand the project and take it to more layers while collaborating with more visual artists.

She enjoys teaching piano to different ages especially adults as she believes that nothing has more power than arts in keeping humanity at peace. The lessons are designed to help the students have fun, appreciate music and perform musically regardless of their level of experience.