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​​Vexatious album review by Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

 A Dream Filled Arrangement of Bliss

​​ It’s rare to come across an album of such quality in this style, the album in question is Vexatious by Dawn Davi and the styleis almost a form of musical art that expresses itself within its movement and tones.
This for me is a total pleasure, the whole album allows you to form whatever patterns you wish to within the music, the structure for instance of the 
opening track, is sublime and called Egalloced, the picture paints itself and we wander around in an almost dream-like state to the composition.
I have enjoyed this realm before with Michael Harrison and his inventive muse and through Vexatious you will find dear reader, an album that is incredibly addictive. Labyrinth has an almost Jazz style hidden in the motif. While Monsieur Kuluchinsky has a deeper and slightly darker side to it that teases us into the arrangement, this also happened to be one of my
favourites, but in all honesty to differentiate between tracks as favourites, is largely irrelevant on this album, as it is a complete work of genius in my opinion.
Reminiscence has an up-tempo edge to the 
song to begin with, but flows beautifully and then changes pace as it goes, this is indeed clever composing. The progression of this piece really does allow the mind to wander back into the past. Silhouette then lifts the energies and we are transported to an entirely different world of musical awareness, this is another track that creates so much from the imagination of the artist in symbiosis with the listener, this is beautifully performed and played and allowed me to drift without need of a purpose to do so.
With the mischievous Spirit of a Playful Star, whose refrains seem to echo across space and time, this light but refreshing arrangement is delightful to observe musically, with all its little nuances and then we come across the title track Vexatious, now this is so beautifully performed and played, you must replay several times on this track. I found this title so dreamlike and floaty that it’s so easy just to allow the entire album, let alone this brilliant track to masterfully dictate the very flow of your day.
The final piece on this album is a composition called Young and Old. This piece rounds off what has been a fantastic album for me to listen to and a journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed, again this is played with a level of intent and emotion that seems to flow all over the senses.
Vexatious as an album is an almost ambient state of musical mind, the composer Dawn Davi has created a state within music that is so pleasing to listen to, because it creates and manifest a feeling of inner peace through a dreamlife-style of performance, I know that this album is going to be a constant on my personal player. Vexatious is an album that is every 
bit in the moment as I am and it allows us the listener to create our special moments within its open and honest ambience; I have absolutely no problems recommending this release. This album is completely blissful in every aspect of its existence.

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